Things to do

  • Finish expense report so there is money in our Australian account to…
  • Buy a car for me
  • Alex follow-up appt with paediatrician (Dr. Banana Legs as Sofia calls him)
  • Schedule breast u/s, pap smear, Sofia Hep B vacc, dermatologist, Tom cholesterol check
  • Buy BBQ Grill
  • Send off passport renewal for Tracey
  • Schedule appt for Alex’s passport/consular report of birth abroad at consulate
  • Assemble documents for Alex’s passport/crba application
  • Alex Social Security number
  • Renew Tom and Sofia’s passports
  • Dressing table fixed
  • Organise garage sale
  • Sofia’s 3rd birthday gifts?!
  • Sort out preschool
  • Follow up final with Cigna about health insurance
  • Contents insurance

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