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  1. Is this hubby?! Did he go both nights?
    Look at that awesome spot you guys had!
    You said Red Zone right?
    So you didn’t have to wait in line all day to get in like General Admission did you?
    Thank you for sharing all these photos!!!!
    Slightly (ok a lot!!!) envious tonight!!!

    : )


    • This is hubby on Monday night for first shoos. They had GA tickets and queued up starting at 11am. They had awesome, awesome views from the inner circle. The second night we had Red Zone 2 tickets, Larry’s side. No queueing. There was a separate box office and special concessions for Red Zone. We got there around 5:45 or 6 and managed to be second back from the rail.


      • WOW!!! Red Zone is the way to do it then!!
        Your hubby is brave to do GA! (i’m too old for all day waiting now!!!)
        Larry’s side!!! SWOOOOON!!!

        Everything that i am looking at on youtube and reading about your show sounds amazing!

        AIWIY into love rescue me….gives me chills!!


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