What is this? Tech help


I was attempting to open my computer case to clear the dust and lint from around the fan. I heard something moving around when this fell out from somewhere!? It doesn’t seem to be anything crucial although my computer is falling apart physically and the microphone and Bluetooth only work sometimes. There has to be someone who knows…really only curious.

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  1. Hmm. I’d have to see the other side of the thingy, but it looks either like the pin on the hinge of a laptop, or the socket for some plug-in device. Are you missing the headphone or printer socket on your computer?


    • The other side is broken plastic. It is hard to see, but the inside of the metal part almost looks threaded or it has ridges (how to describe?). Who knows what I am missing. It is quite literally falling apart. The case is broken in about six places. I plan on buying something new very soon. It takes at least five minutes to get the thing started up from standby or hibernation.


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