Round the World Update


So far, so good. A few minor mishaps here and there but
nothing that can’t be worked out. Alex and Sofia have proved to be
good little travelers thus far in the car, on the plane and by
foot. I have to say that jet lag wasn’t as bad as I thought it
would be with two kids. Today is sadly our last day in Europe.

Tomorrow morning at 7am we depart Barcelona for Münich and then
Charlotte, NC, for the USA portion of our trip. I will follow up
this post with a few more that have photos. Sadly, my camera is not
repaired and with the dollar in such a sad state, Europe is not the
place to buy a replacement. Tom has taken photos the past couple of
days with his Blackberry so i will have to have him either post
photos from there or figure out how to get them off of

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    • I didn’t actually find one I wanted when in the US. I ended up deciding that i wanted the same as what I had, which I couldn’t find in any shops. I ordered it on and had it shipped here for an extra $12. Can’t complain about that!


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