Um, can you say misery?


Hot, hot, hot!

Our house was struck by lightning the first week in January while we were in Spain. It knocked out the air con. It is most likely not going to be repairs for a couple of weeks or more. We have two portable units, one upstairs, one downstairs. They do not do the job!

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  1. OMG, I hope your house is okay. It seems so strange to hear people in Australia talk about the heat and tropical storms when we in the U.S. are dealing with one of the worst winters in years, but still, having your house struck by lightning is nothing to laugh about. When I was living in Minnesota, my dumb husband left an aluminum ladder on the roof while he was remodeling the house. A thunderstorm passed through and our house was struck by lightning, and our whole house lit up and turned this weird blue. My younger daughter, who was just a baby then, slept through the whole thing, but my older one grabbed me and screamed. It was scary, but my husband, who grew up in Minnesota, was just amused.


    • @hangaku-we rent and as of today nobody has come to see if everything is ok. Not so happy with property management at the moment, save that for another post. My neighbours reported the lightning strike and the air con outage a few days after it happened. Management decided to sort it out after we returned…on the 19th! That was over two weeks after it happened. Grrrrrrrr.

      I used to live in ND and MN, too. St. Cloud, White Bear Lake, Uptown Minneapils and Roseville.


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