Alex’s 7 month check


Alex had a check-up today. He weighs 11.29 kilos (24.9 pounds) 75.9 cm (29.9 inches) in length and head 40.4 cm. He will continue to take Losec (Prilosec) until he is nine months when we will cut the dosage in half to see how he responds. Other than that he is doing just fine. His weight actually dropped from 11.4 kilos at 5.5 months! I thought he had slimmed down a bit. He was 72 cm at 5.5 months so he increased by nearly 4 cm.

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  1. Wow, he’s a big lad. Petra just had her three year check – she weighs 13.45kg and is 94cm.
    Are you concerned about his growth? Is that why he’s taking the Losec?


    • He is big. The doc didn’t have any concerns really. Only that maybe why he isn’t rolling over is that he is big and has so much weight to take over with him. He is sitting upmfine and scooting himself around on his back somehow. I’m sure he will be getting around in no time at all! He is taking Losec for reflux which is ongoing. Sofia weighs 13.9 kilos and is 96 cm so very close to Petra.


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