Australia Tidbit #2


Eighty percent of Australia’s banana crop was wiped out in Cyclone Yasi. Many shops are supporting the farmers by not importing cheap bananas from overseas. I completely support this. That said, purchasing bananas has become a pricey affair. Today when I bought four small bananas for AU$6.45 (US$6.70) they were $13/kilo (US$6.30/pound). Ouch.

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  1. Knowing how much Sofia, especially, and the rest of the family LOVE bananas you have my sympathy. We here are getting them at very reasonable prices. They are Fairtrade bananas, perhaps you remember the label from when you shopped in the UK Tracey. You should be here in Market Weighton to benefit. Hope you can find a substitute to keep everyone happy.


  2. Wow! We get cheap overseas bananas for 79 to 99 cents a pound. I can’t imagine paying over a dollar per banana! My husband would be upset.

    I’m glad you’re doing the right thing morally though. Just hum that old song “Yes, We Have No Bananas”.


  3. Ouch!! And I thought it was bad enough here at about 80cents a banana (ours are coming from the Philippines at the moment because the Australian supply has dried up).


  4. I checked at the store this week — 19 cents per small banana. But of course ours are all Central American from the fabled banana republics, so they’re cheaper thanks to less travel and early 20th century US imperialism.

    I feel I should organize some sort of banana CARE packages to Australia, except that they’d be disgusting by the time they got to you. Banana chips just aren’t the same.


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