On the road again…


This afternoon we will embark upon a little 16 day road trip. Little? Tonight we drive to Canberra where we will overnight and spend the morning exploring. From there we drive into the mountains and stay two nights in Thredbo (fingers crossed Sofia doesn’t get car sick). From here it is a long drive to Melbourne where we will spend the night and explore the next day until our ferry departs that evening. Tasmania here we come. Nine days of exploring in Tasmania. Whew. Wide open spaces. Air to breathe. And probably some rain, wind and chill. That’s ok. We are ready for it. Once back on the mainland we will travel home to Sydney via the Coastal road and take two nights to get there. One night at Lakes Entrance and one night at Bateman’s Bay. Then it is back to the real world.

I have had a chest cold for three weeks now. It doesn’t want to give up. I am also having major issues with my shoulder. This stems from a car accident in high school. Whiplash. 20 years later it is still causing me troubles. I have a second visit to a physio today which should help some. That needs a proper dealing when I return. She suggested a proper doctor with MRI or CT scan and mentioned things such as scar tissue and thickening of soft tissue. See what I have to look forward to?

It is 10am. I am about 3/4 packed. Tom is coming home around 12:30 so Alex can go to nursery for two hours. That way we can finish packing and I can see physio. It would be nice to be out of here at a reasonable hour!

I will try to do some moblogging and entries along the way. Access will be the biggest issue. I know some of the areas we are visiting in Tasmania have no mobile access. Which is a good thing! No Blackberry for Tom! Haha. I am evil.

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  1. sounds like a wonderful trip! 16 days! Spending over a week in Tasmania? Isn’t that the home of PrincessMary of DK? Can’t wait to see pictures of trip ( with reasonable lables) and maybe a video or two of the bratlings. Maybe S reading a story to A.
    BTW< uncle Mike won a 2nd place ribbon in the Iris show for his Awesome Alex: it is a ruffly peach colored iris. Very sissy looking.


  2. Hope your break will do you all good. Look forward to hearing more about Tasmania, it will be exciting. I think you need to chill Tracey – being a mum is exhausting at the best of times. Good thing sometimes to be out of touch and at peace with nature!


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