Pediatrician and Alex’s issues


I hope Alex’s pediatrician is a miracle worker. The last week and a half since we came home from holiday has been absolute hell for sleeping. Alex has been waking up screaming repeatedly. It starts 30-45 minutes after he goes to sleep and goes in varying periods throughout the night. Some nights I get an hour of sleep before being awake for several hours and so on. I always know he will go down to sleep just fine but be ready for the nightshift.

This started a week before holiday when he had a tummy bug all week, continued during two weeks away and has now escalated. Two nights ago he woke in the night with fever. That turned into a cough and congestion which is only compounding the matter.

I have been sick for over six weeks. I can’t help but think that sleep deprivation must be a player here. After two spells of starting to feel better and a round of antibiotics I am no better off. Chest congestion, sinuses full but only dipping down the back of my throat causing severe sore throat. I am attempting to nap when I can but it isn’t an easy task.

I have tried to rule out things with Alex and collect as much data as possible. I have also done much reading online about what could be wrong. What baffles me is that he is fine during the day and naps without waking. He does seem to be teething but nothing obviously coming through. When he wakes it seems like he is in pain and often feels jerky/startled. He doesn’t seem to be interested in his dummy. More often than not he isn’t even opening his eyes.

It is worse than having a newborn. At least with a newborn it is pretty easy to figure out what they need. Alex often thrashes about and screams and can’t decide if he wants to be held or left alone. I have tried everything I can think over the weeks from different meds to different places to sleep, warmer/cooler clothing, different foods and on and on.

Our appointment is a reflux check-up but the doctor is going to get much more than that.

At my wit’s end. And tired. Here I am staring at another 2:30am. Lying here holding Alex up because he is congested and doesn’t last long lying down. Even holding him upright for the last 40 minutes he is restless and he has been awake several times.

I need this to be over!

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  1. Tracey, could it be that Alex is allergic to something he takes before sleeping at night, something which is upsetting his digestive system. Just a thought, but otherwise at a loss to advise you. You have my sympathies, which dosn’t help one iota. Take care. Pauline


  2. Oh that sounds so tough. I’m not surprised that you’re sick as well – the lack of sleep really does a number on your immune system. And poor little Alex. I hope your doctor can help you come up with some solutions for him.


  3. Did Alex’s illness come on suddenly? With the fever, I’d be apt to think it was an infection that’s aggravated by his lying down. But I hope you get some answers soon. It’s so tough when they’re that small and sick. All they can do is scream—they can’t tell you what hurts, what bothers them.

    Hope you get some rest too. Is there no one there to help out and give you some respite?


  4. The Grandson went through a period of night terrors, where he would get to sleep for about an hour or two and once he hit deep REM sleep, he would wake up crying. The doctors said not much to do about it. We found that giving him something to drink helped most of the time, like apple juice. After about twenty minutes of talking to him and hugging him, he would go back to sleep for the night.


    • Sickness has complicated this! We have a follow up appt with paediatrician tomorrow and i have no idea what to say to him. He is up crying and wanting to sleep with me. Ugh. I will update after our appt.


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