Reflux and sickness update


We went to Alex’s pediatrician on Wednesday. Because Alex appears to be fine during the day he said not to worry. If something was seriously wrong it would affect him during the daytime as well. After much discussion he decided to put Alex back on (Pri)losec. He was taking ten then down to 5mg. Because Alex weighs 13 kilos now, a 15mg dosage was ordered. Sleep apnea is also a possibility. One step at a time though. A sleep study may have to be done at some point but now is too early.

Wednesday night I started the Losec. It usually takes about five days before it fully works. Wednesday and Thursday nights weren’t too bad for sleeping so I decided to try him in his cot tonight. After maybe nine times of having to lie him back down I gave up. Maybe when I have replenished my energy stores. I also think he needs to be over his cold. He is continuing to wake up screaming right next to me. Sigh…

Last night I came home with the kids after visiting friends and Alex started coughing and threw up all of his food. He is also refusing much of his food throughout the day. Poor kid! I bought a vaporizer tonight and will get it set up for tomorrow.

Today he took two short 30 minute naps but seemed full of energy. He crawled around everywhere, dug in drawers, pushed buttons, turned stereo knobs, open and closed cupboard doors and got into general mischief before we headed off to the park for a few hours.

I am finally starting to feel better. Thursday I didn’t have a sore throat anymore and today my cough isn’t as bad. It seems I always have coughing fits in the morning and then feel better throughout the day. I am still easily out of breath, but that should ease as the congestion goes.

Nearly midnight already. I should be sleeping. Goodnight.

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  1. Poor guy. will propping him up a bit help? I seem to remember my nephew around that age needing a nebulizer at night and a slight incline in his crib, I think he was having breathing difficulties, I’d think if Alex has reflux it might help a little too. Of course I’d think the doctor would have suggested that as well.
    At any rate I hope you are all doing better soon!


    • Thanks! Haha. If the little guy would stay in his cot. I do have it elevated but it doesn’t seem to help. He only lasts about half the night in the cot right now.


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