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  1. OMG! Poor little girl. I’ve never seen her so still. Glad it’s warm enough she can be lightly clad. Whatever caused so many hives? At least the Benadryl lets her sleep.

    (And at least she’s got a condition that turns her pink — if you have to be sick, it should make you your favorite color!)


  2. Poor little mite. At least she’s sleeping, though I’m guessing it’s because of the Benadryl.

    I hope you and your family get some rest and are able to recover soon. I remember when flu felled my whole family, and my husband and I argued (weakly) over who would fix dinner, which turned into an argument over who would go to the grocery store when we discovered there was nothing in the house to fix for dinner. Luckily I got well before everyone else, though by the end of the week, I didn’t have much of a choice. We were eating delivery pizza out of paper plates at that point.


    • Luckily we didn’t get to that point. I have been unwell, but not that horribly run-down, can’t function feeling. I don’t know what I will do if that ever happens with kids. It is hard enough to keep track of them when healthy.


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