I am so over all of this sickness. I haven’t been able to respond to comments on my last two posts. Sorry.

Alex has a general cold/cough. Tom has a cold/sore throat. I am STILL fighting off whatever it is after >7 weeks. Sofia has a cold/cough. I got a call from her preschool today to come because she was covered in hives. I went to see what was going on and she had hives everywhere: ears, arms, legs, bum, stomach, and a few on her face. she has a history of hives but not like this! I gave her Benadryl and paracetamol. Hours later and the hives have diminished but not gone. She looks exhausted.

I didn’t get my Wednesday afternoon off. It wasn’t 20 minutes after I dropped Alex at his daycare for 3 hours that I had to get Sofia.

Tired. Oh so tired. Alex has been a bit better at night but still waking at least a few times in the night mostly looking for his dummy. And that is on top of waking at least three times before I go to bed. And then he thinks 5 is an appropriate time to wake in the morning.

Can we all have some good health, please?

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  1. Oh what an awful time for you and your family! Poor things. 😦 I hope everyone is feeling better soon. Those hives look nasty. Sleep would be good, I hope you all get some soon.


    • They only got worse and I ended up taking her in to the doc tonight for prednisone and Clarityne because i was so worried about her. Poor kid. I am so glad she fell asleep because she was scratching so much. I do need sleep. Sickness be gone!


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