Blah, sickness.


Sofia seems to be cleared up for the most part. She is getting the odd spot here and there but nothing close to what she had. Then she got a fever this afternoon. No idea what that means. Dosed her with paracetamol and ibuprofen throughout the day. Super grumpy over the weekend.

Alex was in bad shape this weekend. I took him back in to see a doc this morning, Sunday. He was pale, red eyes, coughing horribly, etc. The doctor took one look and suggested I take him to the hospital. Wonderful. So, off went the four of us to Sydney’s Children’s Hospital ER. In the end the doctor there didn’t do anything for him. Croup. Bronchiolitis. Said it would clear up soon, that it peaks it’s worse around day four. Alex isn’t interested in food, only bottles. Sigh…

Today I coughed less and felt better until a sinus headache came on. The second one in a few days. Then the pressure, the runny nose, sinus pressure. I think it is a sinus infection. Just what I need!

I did manage to get out for an hour walk this evening with my friend, Asta. Some of the mums from playgroup have gotten together to do evening walks. I have gone for two long walks, 1.5 hours and 1 hour 45 min last week and then tonight for an hour. This will continue at least twice or three times a week.

My eyes are drooping and the bed is calling. Goodnight!

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  1. Oh geez, I was relieved to see at least Sofia was doing better…till I got to the 3rd sentence. You guys just can’t catch a break. I hope everyone’s yuck clears up FAST! and you all can get some sleep and have good days again.


    • Some days it feels like it will never end. I am still keeping hope! I am wondering who I pissed off to have to weather this mess. Ugh! It can always be worse!


  2. I can’t imagine how wearying it is, day after day.

    I prescribe plenty of hot liquids for your sinuses and all the bottles Alex wants. I’m glad you’re at least getting out for a bit.

    Since he doesn’t have a nose, I presume Sailor Babo will be fine.


    • It seems things are starting to look up for the most part. Alex has shown some improvement and Sofia is doing much better. My cough is 90% gone (yay).

      Sailor Babo has been in his little box ready to go on to Jane. I just need to take a couple of photos and finish up another post about him. He is immune to it all 🙂


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