Washing Machine


For the past week or so I noticed a whirring sound whilst the washer was spinning. I guess I should have noticed a little bit more and had someone come and check it out. Yesterday I started the washer and when it was done and I went to take the clothes out they were sopping wet. The water went in and it ran the full cycle but didn’t spin. The drum isn’t seized up, it spins freely and the belt appears to still be intact. Hmmm.

We bought this front-loader back in 2005, our first in the UK. We debated giving it away when we came to Australia but ended up keeping it and installing it. It was decided that if something should happen to this one we would then get a new one. Well, this morning I started shopping for a new one. I really dislike our current one and want something with more capacity and less wash time. Ours is only 6kg capacity and the shortest cycle is 1 hr 52 min! Ok, there is a very short quick wash cycle that doesn’t do a very good job. The machine also dries, but not very well!

So, I think I have chosen a front-loader Samsung with 8kg capacity. One feature I am excited about? Child Lock. Alex’s favourite game right now is to sneak in there and push buttons and turn the knob. Getting old!

Before I put an order in we need to find out about delivery. The laundry is now piled up and I can’t wait two weeks for a washer. My wardrobe is limited!

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  1. 1 hour 52 minutes? Yikes! I wouldn’t have bothered bringing that along in the move! Anyhow, a child’s lock definitely sounds like a must-have. Front loaders are wonderful, btw. You’ll never go back to a top loader.


    • That is pretty standard among these European front loaders. The machine only uses cold water and heats it internally. And very efficient with water. My new one is much better. I have a 29 minute quick cycle and a daily wash 1 hour cycle. As well as the longer 2-3 hour cycles…yikes. I have found the child lock to be a wonderful addition BUT the lock does not include the power button and Alex figured that out rather quickly. Sigh…


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