It never ends at our house


Those photos show the latest. Burst pipe behind water heater. Water all over garage including running into most of the boxes I have sitting there. Everything had to be reboxed or pulled out of boxes. No hot water until this is fixed. Well, I can turn on hot water for a shower but the whole time water is spraying from the broken pipe and spraying on the floor. Tom and I each had two-minute showers this morning and you wouldn’t believe the water on the floor.

So, the garage is a major disaster. It looks like a tornado hit our boxes. The plumbers were to be here morning to mid-morning. I left at 8:45, returned at 12 and nobody here yet.

When the property manager was here as this all unfolded I started crying and told her how fed up I was with this property. It may be time to start looking for a different place to live.

More photos to follow later today.

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  1. You poor thing. This is such a crappy thing to happen. I hope you haven’t lost anything precious. And I hope the plumbers turned up in the afternoon.


    • Late reply…sorry. Yes, they turned up. Nothing major ruined. I did go last week and buy some large plastic bins to store things and the rest of the boxes can sit on top so they won’t get wet if something like this happens again.


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