Alex went to see his GP Tuesday for an immunisation. He had a terrible cough for about four days, waking me several times in the night. She didn’t think it was anything, but to be proactive she swabbed him for Whooping Cough / Pertussis. Wednesday she called to say it came back positive. Of course it was a busy week with music class, playgroup and a day and a half at daycare. All of these people exposed! We have all been vaccinated but he still got it.

The whole family is on antibiotics to prevent us from getting it and Alex from spreading it. This also means Alex can’t be in the general population for five days after he started the antibiotic. Sigh…

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  1. Poor baby.

    Thank goodness he got the vaccine. It means even though he still got sick, it won’t be as bad a case as it would have been.

    Tales from older folks who remember before there was a vaccine are harrowing. And now of course there are so many stupid people who don’t get the shots that the old diseases are coming back. He’s probably been with some kid who has a dippy mother who “doesn’t believe in jabs”.

    And poor you having to entertain him at home for 5 days! I’ll bet he’s not sick enough to be happy to stay in bed!


    • I can honestly say it isn’t that bad…or maybe just not as bad as I thought it would be. I just hope it doesn’t last long. When he coughs it sounds like he is going to vomit (very common) and stop breathing…his head turns red and looks in pain. It happens about 5-6 times a night at the moment and maybe once an hour throughout the day. Of course it wakes him and he cries, ‘mum mum mum mummmmmaaaa’. I had a three hour sleep with him yesterday but big sister is home today and wouldn’t allow daytime sleep for her or me.

      I don’t understand these people who don’t immunise!

      Stay in bed…haha. No. He is a happy little camper for the most part. He does have his moments and the mini tantrums start. Throwing, kicking, hitting. Glimpses of what is to come.


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