Back in 2005 we moved in to a huge Georgian townhouse in East Yorkshire, UK. We had very little furniture so we went shopping. We found a lovely old bedroom set at an antique shop and brought it home. The double bed had no slats or base so I ended up having to special order one since they don’t make them like that in the UK anymore. That was after we tried to do wooden slats ourselves. It also came with a dressing table but no bench to sit on. That was another adventure. I ended up finding one in the same style but the seat was in bad shape. We still often use the double bed–two children and an international move later. The dressing table leg broke off during or move so the insurance company paid us out for the entire set. I had the handyman fix the leg for me for $25. Recently I decided to do something about the seat. With the help of my mother-in-law, Terry, we took it apart to see what could be salvaged. Pretty much the entire thing was disintegrated. Dust was flying. The embroidery on the top was faded and brownish (why didn’t I take a photo?) There was even a wonderful layer of horse hair. We stripped it down to the base frame and started over. I started with some belting for support. Then I used several layers of poly fill stapled with a staple gun. I went to the fabric shop and choose an antique-looking fabric with Parisian things on it. I think it looks pretty nice considering I have never done anything like this before.

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    • Thanks! I was very proud. I have never really attempted anything like that before. Wondering if I should tackle the dining room chairs that are in dire need.


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