Day 7 Queenstown


I have no photos at the moment because I didn’t have my phone with me all day.

We drove into town 11ish for some culture. We watched a young Canadian woman named Miranda do a street show for 45 minutes. She didn’t actually do much in that 45 minutes but it kept us entertained. The kids laughed and laughed. After that we attempted to have lunch at a gastropub which wasn’t open when we tried. We ended up at theIrish place on the waterfront, Pog Mahones. Tom and I had a seafood platter with a couple of Guinesses. The kids shared a fish and chips plate.

After lunch Sofia and I walked over to the Kiwi Birdlife Centre and Tom took Alex to have adventures. The bird centre was interesting but overpriced for what was there. It was $42 for me and $21 for Sofia. Granted this is in NZ$ but ouch. After about 45 minutes of looking at Kiwis, parrots, tuataras, Keas and so on we waited for the conservation show to start. Some of the animals weren’t cooperating but it was still fun to see some of the animals up close.

Tom and Alex had a wander around town, had an ice cream and then drove over to get us.

The weather deteriorated so we headed over to a shopping area. Sofia got her ice cream and they picked up sushi for dinner. I had a quick look in Wild South and bought a couple of tunics. From here it was back to the house for the night.

Tomorrow we drive over to Te Anau for three nights. I will miss Queenstown. I am pretty sure I could live here. What a fantastic place!

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