Day 2: Singapore


We arrived in Singapore on Thursday night without issue. The kids were reasonably well behaved on the flight. Alex only got a bit fidgety at the end. Three hours in Sofia wanted to out her shoes back on because she thought it was time to land. Um, over five hours to go, dear. They watched movies, played games, played the iPad, and Sofia even did some reading. I watched The Wolf of Wall Street and The Grand Budapest Hotel. I loved them both! I was interrupted repeatedly but I still got to watch them both.

We made the mistake of stopping to use the toilet before heading over to immigration. Bad idea. We were near the front of the A380 and by the time we were done? At the back of the queue which took 30-45 minutes. The kids were fighting and didn’t want to stand anymore. Smooth sailing after that. We picked up our bags and caught a taxi to the Holiday Inn. After check-in we went for a little walk on Orchard Road. Shopping heaven!

We attempted to keep the kids up for a while after a (very hot and sticky) walk. They managed 9:30pm (which is 11:30 to their brains).

Friday morning Alex was up early but I convinced him to get back to sleep for a couple of hours. Sofia slept in as usual. Tom had to go to work so he went down for breakfast early and went off to work. The three of us lounged around and finally went down for breakfast around 9:30. I love hotels with a diverse client base because of the wide selection of breakfast food.

I took the kids swimming at the hotel pool in the afternoon. It was so miserably hot and humid outside and the pool was a perfect remedy. After two hours of playing and one incident of Alex trying to drown himself we wrapped things up and headed back to the room. The kids had a snack and we all took turns showering.

Tom came home just before five. We packed up and headed out for a few hours. We grabbed a taxi over to Vivo for a bite to eat. On the way over the kids were yawning in the taxi but wouldn’t admit they were tired. After dinner we walked over to the HarbourFront Tower 2 to get on the Singapore Cable Car. After we got our tickets and got on board Sofia decided she was terrified. And we were making a complete circuit. She calmed down and managed to make the circuit. It was beautiful at night. The cars were black with flashing lights. I think maybe going just as the sun is going down would be best, but we were just a little bit late for that.

We walked back over to the taxi queue at Vivo and went back to our hotel. I kept the kids up until almost 10pm. And I crashed right along side of them.

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