Day 4: UK and adjusting to jet lag


We landed in Zürich around 6am in the same terminal we would need to catch our next flight. After a quick stop to the empty Swiss lounge we boarded our flight for a short hop to Manchester. Our Fokker 100 was nearly empty, not surprising for a 7am Sunday morning flight.

After a long wait in immigration and picking up our bags we walked over to the Radisson Blu Airport hotel. Our room wasn’t ready so we sat in the bar and had a cup of tea while the kids played in the iPads. After an hour we checked in and I got a much needed shower.

With only one day in the UK and the fact that we were now nearly halfway around the world and the sun was shining…it was time to get out and enjoy the day. We started out with a pint and some Sunday roast at the Unicorn in Wilmslow. The kids ran around and played in the garden. Sofia built a snail house in the dirt with bricks and sticks. The sun actually got too intense but we didn’t want to complain, it could be raining. We thought about going down to Buxton in the Peak District but last minute chose Llandudno, Wales, about an hour and a half away. Alex had a short nap in the car but Sofia wanted to stay awake and watch out the window.

Llandudno was heaving with people as the sun was shining. Brilliant. Car parking was in short supply. We found nothing all along the waterfront but ended up parking illegally with several other cars for a while. Llandudno is a great little destination. We visited here more than ten years ago with Tom’s sister and mother. Alex was lethargic and feeling unwell with a cold and even declined ice cream. Sofia was all over and ice cream though. We wandered around for a while then drove along the tolled Marine Drive and discovered the Great Orme tramway. The kids were super excited about this find. We purchases round-trip tickets and boarded the next tram. It runs in two stages up to the Great Orme headland.

The kids were worn out and completely passed out in the car which worried us. We didn’t want them to sleep too much and be up at 2am. We got stuck in traffic due to an accident on the A55 in North Wales. They shut down the motorway and redirected traffic into the countryside. The kids slept most of the way back to the hotel. I took the kids upstairs and Tom returned the rental car to the airport. The kids immediately wiped out on the bed again once we got in the room. I managed to get half of their pajamas on an meds into Sofia. I decided to go to bed early and worry about packing up in the morning.

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