Day 5: Manchester to Bodø, Norway


Most of today was quite unremarkable, really. The kids ended up sleeping quite well and getting up early (5ish) but not in the middle of the night. We ordered breakfast to our room which arrived at 7. Tom had scheduled a meeting for 10 at the hotel with a work colleague. We checked in our bags and then lounged around while Tom was at his meeting and then met him at security once he was done.

We had two short flights today. One from Manchester, UK to Oslo, Norway nod then on to Bodø from there. Flights were on-time, coffee and tea were free and that was about it flying SAS in economy today. It was a bit of a kerfuffle in Oslo having to pick up luggage when we landed and then taking them out of the secure area back into the check-in area to recheck them. That meant waiting in queue for security again. Luckily they have a family queue that went a bit faster but still annoying.

Flying into Bodø was spectacular though. The glaciers sitting on mountaintops, rocky islands, glowing sunshine. Memorable. Everything smooth picking up luggage and rental car. We had a quick drive around town taking in the vistas and finding our place for the night, Rica Hotel. We randomly stopped at a place called ‘Du Verden’ advertising burgers and sushi so we figured we could find something for the kids. It turned out to be the yummiest food we had had in ages. The burgers were juicy and spiced perfectly with bacon, onions and lettuce. And the fries were a perfect match. Yum. The kids even loved the food.

We are having a bit of a problem now that we are in Europe. Tom failed to pack an adapter. This means no charging anything–iPads, phones, Tom’s work computer, camera battery. Going even more remote isn’t hopeful either. The front desk let us use one for our phones…but we had to return them.

The sun was so bright and so high in the sky at 10pm the kids refused to believe they needed to get to sleep. After convincing them to put on pajamas and get their heads down they were asleep immediately. Tomorrow morning we are taking the ferry from Bodø to Moskenes in the Lofoten Islands. Off to bed, the kids will not sleep late in the morning.

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