Driving to the Airport


Couldn’t sleep today. Giddy with anticipation, first time flying Cathay Pacific in First Class.

Woke up at 3-something. Caught up some work on the laptop and reviewed camera pictures from yesterday and from our trip to Victoria back in October (yes, a little behind on pictures).

I grabbed a taxi at 7.30 or so. I asked how much to the airport and he said HK $250. No surprise there, that’s how much it cost to go the opposite direction two days ago. I rummaged through my wallet. Only $240! He said that it was fine, and we were off. Perfect; I took out $1500 when I arrived and spent it dead-on. Not bad, considering I have a wealth of orphaned currencies (anyone need $300 worth of Slovakian Koruny?).

Checked in in the dedicated First Class area, but no special security like in Bangkok or Singapore. Not even fast-track like at most airports. There were long queues and it took about 20 minutes to get through.

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