Oahu Adventure: Day 4


Lazy morning. Tom started teaching the kids to play Monopoly which took some time! Around lunchtime we took the trek back down to the airport in Honolulu for Tom to fly to Los Angeles until Thursday. Traffic wasn’t too bad for Memorial Day until we neared a large cemetery which had police directing traffic in and out. We said our goodbyes to Tom and went on our way. It took about an hour to get back up to the house. After a late lunch the kids wanted to go to the local beach only a few doors down from us. It turned out to be a good time. A dog kept us entertained for a good hour, Sofia especially. The dog loved us throwing the ball over and over and over again.  Because it was late afternoon, breezy and cloudy it felt a bit cool out in the air. That meant the after felt toasty warm. It was hard to get out. 

After spending a couple of hours at the beach we came home and rinsed off. I didn’t feel like cooking so the kids wanted tacos from North Shore tacos again. Happy to oblige. This time Sofia had two tacos with beans and rice herself and Alex only managed half a taco. From here we popped into Longs Drugs next door to pick up a few things like motion sickness tablets, nasal spray to stop nosebleeds, etc. 

Another relaxing evening before playing musical beds again. Both kids ended up in the spare bed together because they didn’t want to sleep in different rooms. Sleeping is getting better. We should be well adjusted about the time we need to go home and start over again! 

There are so many things to do with the kids on Oahu but I know much of it is touristy stuff and not quite authentic. I struggle with booking these things and spending the money or do we just do everyday things we all love like going to the beach? 

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  1. I haven’t been there since 1968, and everything was much less touristy. You could feel right at home on an air mattress and a snorkle at Hanauma bay: Just park and walk on down, and slather on sunscreen. The little colored fishes darting in and out of the coral.

    I really enjoyed the Polynesian cultural center. You could intermingle with the people from each set of islands and ask them questions. I imagine it is packed now, but still may be worth a visit. Helping us to understand that each island group had a distinct culture.

    I also enjoyed watching the huge waves and surfers at Makaha (something) beach on the NW of the island. I think the kids would like to sit up above the beach and root for their champion surfer.

    Back three days from Europe. Realy really tired and in pain all over. Partly stenosis and partly “fibromyalgia” which seems to be a real disease after all. Muscle weakness, too. So disappointed. But these ‘tents of our existence” were not built to last, I just wish mine would hold up a little better. Cramps my style!

    How is Thomas doing? Not hearing anything! Is he eating carefully? Losing weight?
    Mary’s neck surgery went well. Lots of pain, but surgical pain, not neck pain. It will pass (I hope).

    Jason said Eleanor was much better than average while Margaret was gone. She’s like me, I guess. Babysitters always said my kids were little darlings,a delight to keep (so why was I paying them???) but were Monsters with me! Mommyhood is a gift, and I guess Margaret & I don’t have it. Jason prays daily for “dog death.” He says the dogs make E worse.

    Love Terry (AKA Grandmommy)


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