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Like I said a few posts ago, I haven’t done much with this blog for nearly a year. In August of last year I found out I was pregnant. Those of you that followed me over here from Vox may recall me needing assistance to get pregnant with Sofia (born in 2007) and the same with Alex born in 2010. This time I fell pregnant naturally at 40! I had started trying to lose weight so I had done six weeks of no sugar when I went off to my first mammogram appointment. The tech asked if I was or could be pregnant. My response, “Nooooo, not possible at all. But my breasts are a bit tender from PMS.” I went home and thought about it. Does PMS last two weeks? Hmmm, most likely not. Off to buy a five-pack of pregnancy tests. Needless to say, it was positive, and so were the subsequent tests I did and confirmed by blood testing with my gp. To say I as shocked was an understatement. Sofia would be 8 and Alex 5 when baby is born. It took me months to truly process that I was having a baby. 

So, here she is at seven weeks, after her first ever airplane flight. So far she is a good little traveller in the car as well. Her name is Serafina Violet and she is a little darling. We love her 🙂

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  1. Congratulations! I teased another friend who had a baby at 40 that she would be arguing with a teenager when she was almost 60! But I’ll bet Serafina will bring you much joy in midlife, especially if she’s a happy traveler. 😄


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