Around the World 2016: Day 5


This day is a bit of a blur. After packing up everything and loading up the car we hit the road headed for the Margaret River area of Western Australia. Today’s drive took us through the majestic karri trees, some of the tallest in the world. They grown in the southwest of Western Australia. They are also known as Eucalyptus Diversicolour. They are reminiscent of the California Redwoods. Of course along with these stops we have to feed Sarafina and change her nappy. She was a great traveller today only waking for food and nappy changes. Now it is the older kids who were doing our heads in about the iPads. We have been limiting iPad time in the car for many reasons, but mostly because of car sickness which is very real with these two. 

Our Airbnb is in Busselton for the next few nights. When we pulled up to the house it was dark and looked older than we thought. Inside was a bit surreal. It is totally 70s (think Brady Bunch) but immaculate. It is very well taken care of. The layout is interesting and allows the kids to run circles over and over and over again. There is no main bathroom; the only full one is located off of a bedroom. The one in the hallway has no toilet; that toilet is down the hallway at the end of the laundry, but with no sink. Anyway, it has turned out to be a great house for us so far. Tom and Sofia went out to IGA to find some dinner for us and later Tom and Alex went back over there because they forgot the tomato sauce (Alex finds it difficult to eat a meal without tomato or bbq sauce).

The kids settled in working on some puzzles after they ate their dinner. I think they would love some other children to play with as they have been volatile. They have been very good with Serafina as well. They will check on her if she is crying or sit with her when I need to get other jobs done.

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