Around the World 2016: Day 6


We had a lazy morning today (seems to be frequent, but that’s what holiday is for, right). We set off for a walk just after a quick lunch. Busselton has a jetty that juts out nearly 2km into the sea. It is the longest wooden jetty (pier) in the southern hemisphere. You can walk or take a little train down to the end where there is an underwater observatory. The jetty is a good 55 minute walk from our house so we set off in that direction. About 1/3 of the way there Tom and Alex turned around to get the car. Sofia, Serafina and I kept going until the boys picked us up. It was a good choice as the sky was getting darker. We parked up near the jetty and had a bite to eat at and some coffee at The Goose which is situated right on the water near the jetty. We decided against paying to walk or ride to the end of the jetty because we had done it last time we were here and because the rain clouds were getting darker and closer. The observatory was also closed today. The kids wanted to play at the park further down the beach so we headed in that direction while Tom backtracked to move the car in case of rain. It all turned out to be pretty good timing as it began to rain pretty hard. We all piled into the car and headed out to find something else to do. 

I checked a few websites and the Margaret River Chocolate Factory was mentioned so off we went. Tourist Trap. There was a window where you could watch what was being made and there were hundreds of different chocolates to buy but it all seemed a bit too much and it was full of people so we bailed without getting anything. On our way out we did stop for a quick sample of white, milk, and dark chocolate. 

On our way back towards Busselton we picked up Subway for dinner. The kids inhaled a Kids Meal each and Tom and I split a salad bowl. After showers the kids tried to teach themselves how to play charades much to our humour. With only a couple more days until we leave for Singapore we have a few more things to do. The kids want to go to a reptile park and Tom wants to take them to a lighthouse on Thursday.

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