Expat from US now living in Australia after 8 years in the UK (and a short stay in Hamburg, Germany). Stay-at-home mother. Three darling children–Alex 6, Sofia 8.5 years and baby Serafina. One busy husband, Tom. This is mainly my blog that was meant to be about being an expat and travelling, but morphed into being mostly about my kids and staying in touch with friends and family. I am trying to refocus on the expat and travel parts of it. We have been in Australia for six years now and we have finally started doing some travel after Alex turned two. We have visited Perth and other parts of Western Australia, Melbourne, Hobart, road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, up and down the coast a bit, New Zealand and a few South Pacific Islands: Fiji, Tahiti and Mo’orea, Cook Islands (Rarotonga and Aitutaki). Once a year we make our way back to the Motherland to see friends and family. Since our families live all over the US and we don’t have a base there anymore, home is where we live in the present. We adjust to where we live and immerse ourselves in the local culture as best as we can.

Tom has started contributing to this blog during all of the work travels he does. So if you see some random photos from places like New Zealand, China, Singapore, Japan, etc then it is most likely Tom sharing some of his travels….for it is his job that has taken us around the world.

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