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We made it!


Our 13+ hour flight from Sydney to San Francisco was delayed due to a windshield wiper problem on our United Airlines 747-400. Once we got going it was a pretty good flight. The kids were well behaved. Alex was a bit of work, but what can you expect from a nearly two year old? No behavioral issues from either kid. Alex had a long nap on takeoff, maybe 2+ hours, then slept nearly seven hours only waking a little bit before landing. Sofia drew and colored then watched movies and fell asleep around her usual bedtime and slept all night as well. Unfortunately I only slept about two hours, but I did read The Hunger Games and watch some of Young Adult (it was so bad I had to switch it off). Tom fared better sleeping than I did.

We landed in San Francisco, went through all of the immigration and customs mayhem, picked up our suitcase and car seats for rechecking, back through security, quick stop to get kids some breakfast, and on to our next flight to Santa Ana/Orange County. Uneventful, short flight.

Landed to find our car seats and no luggage. Beautiful. At least we knew that it would be coming on the 5:30 flight and they would deliver to our hotel. And the car seats were pretty important. Our bag arrived around 10 last night. Sofia, Alex and I were already sound asleep.

We have all day Thursday to explore and Friday morning we fly from Los Angeles to Denver to Fargo. Tom turns around and flies back to Sydney on Monday from Winnipeg.