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2013 Christmas tree



This morning, while Tom was on a flight from Singapore, we put up the Christmas tree. Once he was home he got to help us with lights and ribbon. Sofia did a majority of the decorating. Alex was too busy running around like a crazy man. I had to remind her to put some on the sides and back. I also had to put some up on the top because she was obviously too short to reach. She picked out a star for the top the other day and it isn’t working which is upsetting her greatly. It is too heavy.

The kids want to make more decorations over the school holidays!

Another Christmas at “home”



This is our fourth Christmas in Australia and it still doesn’t feel like Christmas. I struggle every year to get into the spirit. There is something about putting up the tree and sweating that doesn’t seem right. I miss the snow, the cold, and family this time of year. For many of the years as expats we spend Christmas on holiday.

Here are Christmases since we left the US:

2002: England to US. North Dakota, Texas.
2003: England to US. Missouri, Texas, Mexico, Georgia.
2004: Germany to US. North Carolina. California. Nevada
2005: England US. Minnesota. North Dakota. North Carolina. California.
2006: England to Chile and Argentina.
2007: England. Sofia born in October.
2008: England to Cyprus and Greece.
2009: England to Sydney for a few weeks before Christmas (initial visit prior to move). England to US. Minnesota. North Dakota. North Carolina. Tom moved to Australia after we returned. Kids and I followed soon after.
2010: Alex born in June. Sydney and around the world. Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, USA (Minnesota, North Dakota, California.
2011: Sydney
2012: Sydney to Adelaide then road trip to Melbourne.
2013: Sydney

This is probably why I feel a little strange being here at Christmas.