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Up, Up and Away


In two days we get back on a plane and head east again; this time to the USA with most of our time being spent in North Dakota. Sofia starts kindergarten in January so I took this as a opportunity for the kids to spend quality time with family in the US before we are restricted to travelling during school holidays. Piggybacking the trip to the US is a side trip for Tom and me. Tom is flying with us to the US on Wednesday and will return to Australia the following Monday. He will rejoin us at the end of summer for a long-awaited trip without kids (our first ever). Sofia and Alex will spend a week and a half in Virginia with my sister, Shelley, and her family. Tom and I will fly to Iceland, via Copenhagen, for one night before a short flight to the Faroe Islands. Then we will go on to Greenland where we will spend one night in Ilulisat then take a two day ferry down the west coast to Nuuk. After a day exploring Nuuk we have two nights in Iceland again (hello Blue Lagoon) before jetting back to Virginia to pick up the kids.

I sit here with a half-packed suitcase wondering what I have forgotten, did I pack too much, and so on. It doesn’t matter as long as we have the four of us on a plane with passports and our liquids in suitably-sized containers and our plastic baggies life will be good. I have packed colouring books, books, paper, crayons, new toys and other bits and pieces. I can tell you that from experience that these things won’t matter as much as the iPod, iPad and the in-flight entertainment kids’ section.

Once I get my phone sorted over there I plan to update here frequently with photos and stories of what we are doing.

Going Home


After hours and hours of deliberations Tom has finally booked our tickets back to the US this summer (winter). And because Tom loves flying so much he will make the trip twice. So I don’t have to fly alone with the two munchkins, he will fly with us to ND and fly home from Winnipeg. He will return to the US in August on an award ticket and meet us in Virginia. The kids will be staying with my sister and her family there while Tom and I pop over to Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Greenland for a week and half.

This is the last year we have of free time when it comes to travelling. Sofia will start kindergarten, yes kindergarten, in January so we will be constrained to school holidays. I thought I would take advantage of this last summer (winter) we have before this happens. We live so far away from family that I want the kids to be able to spend some time with grandparents, aunts and uncles and cousins. It also gives me a little bit of a break.